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One Final Summer Song by VHS Collection

How about a summer song before the summer ends? “Waiting On The Summer,” by VHS Collection, is a funky ditty about a long spring. A wanting to get out of the house, to bleach the hair, and fall in love. I’m waiting for the full length, as this new single is HOT! Want more from... Read more »

Butch Walker Brings His "Stay Gold" Tour To Chicago

I’ve have been telling my friends and family about Butch Walker for years, and tomorrow night I finally get to introduce them to the legend. Well, actually, we probably won’t meet him in person, but we will get to see him perform here at the House of Blues in Chicago. Butch Just released his 8th... Read more »

Are The Growlers The Most Interesting Band On The Planet?

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“The Growlers may be the most interesting band in the world, certainly one of the coolest.” –Julian Casablancas. The lead singer of The Strokes is co-producing the latest record from The Growlers. That was enough to get to get me to listen to them more seriously. I have been spinning The Growlers latest record Chinese Fountain non-stop... Read more »

The Blake Babies In Space: A Reunion Show

The Blake Babies are playing a reunion show at Space, in Evanston this weekend. Yes, you read that right. The 90’s college rockers are playing a very rare reunion show, with their original lineup of Juliana Hatfield, John Strohm, and Freda Boner, at 1pm tomorrow. This Saturday, a matinee of sorts, that should prove to... Read more »

New Band "The Hunna" Reminiscent of Early "Manic Street Preachers"

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy to say I’ve found the Manic Street Preachers! Here they are. Wait, that’s not them! Sure as fuck sounds like them. But it’s a fresh, new band with the poppy, angst we witnessed some twenty-five years ago on “Stay Beautiful.” And I can’t stop listening. They are living my dream,... Read more »

10,000 Maniacs' "In My Tribe" & Other Memories

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Last week I listened to the 10,000 Maniacs‘ record In My Tribe. Since then, I’ve become completely obsessed with the band again. I didn’t realize how many memories from my childhood, or teen years, were wrapped up in that album, and band. I should add, good memories, of school, friends, and concerts. Hard to believe... Read more »

Joey Bada$$ - Greenbax & Paper Trail$ (prod. by DJ Premier)

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This screams old school rap to me. Fu-Schnickens, Das EFX, Tribe, De La, and the rest. If you know those names, you know what I’m getting at. Joey’s flow is nice, his delivery is clean, and his lyrics are all about the struggle. This is good rap. This is the rap I grew up with,... Read more »

Trashcan Sinatras Return With "Wild Pendulum"

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Guess who’s back? That beautiful troupe of British songwriters from the 90’s, who brought us the pop gem “Obscurity Knocks,” the Trashcan Sinatras. If you weren’t a fan then, there is no better time than now to appreciate their music. “All Night,” a new track from their latest release Wild Pendulum, is as catchy as... Read more »

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis "Bolo Tie" Featuring YG

For the last 3 days, I have jumped into the whip, pushed the power knob, and selected song number 11, or “Bolo Tie” from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s latest opus, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made. The lyrics are incredible, the flow is addicting, and the beat is simple. A kick drum and a snare guide... Read more »

Morrissey : Bengali In Platforms (Alternate version)

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I’ve been going through a “Bengali” phase again, with extreme listens and endless vocalizations. Let me explain, I can’t stop singing, or streaming, Morrissey’s “Bengali In Platforms.” The guitar is fantastic and I love his voice on this track. Like many of the songs from Viva Hate, I go through phases where I pick apart... Read more »