Release Radar 11/6/20- Geographer vs Mona

Release Radar 11/6/20- Geographer vs Mona

Who's the victor? Apparently it will come down to the courts, so let us talk about music. My Release Radar was extremely weak this week. I think I clicked the "Hide" button 14 times in total?

My favorite song from the bunch is "The Other Side," from Geographer. Just more great music from an artist I have really come to respect.

"What's Real? (idchyf)" is the question Mona is asking and it's a great one. There's a bit of a Muse vibe on this rocker and I dig the lyrics. "I don't care how you feel/I want to know what's real, I want to know the truth/And I'm looking at you." Wow, my sentiments exactly!


Kylie Minogue just released some gorgeous double blue vinyl for her 15th studio album, Disco, but it's a tad too pricey for me. Once you start hitting the $50 mark for any format, I can't keep up. Cut Off Your Hands just did the same thing, and it's a shame because that price tag is only for the hardcore fans.

Anyway, my wife has always been a huge fan of the hottie with the body, and thus I have become a fan of Kylie as well. Her latest single isn't a good as her first, which has become a staple in this house. Even the girls say, "Alexa, play, "Magic."'


Andrew Bird is your jazz Cut Of The Week. It's a little baroque, a little classical, and a little jazzy.

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