RokBlok: The World's Smallest Wireless Record Player

RokBlok: The World's Smallest Wireless Record Player

Here's a record player you can put in your pocket, literally. Yep, it's that small. I'd love to buy one just to hear the sound, but my feeling is it's more novelty than quality.


But that's ok, especially if you're in a squeeze for room and just want to play a few records every once in a while. Novelty is the key, then. Maybe you want to take this thing camping, or outdoors, on your back patio? Here's the good news, it's wireless too. You can connect your favorite Bluetooth speaker with it to boost the warmth of the vinyl.

As you watch the video above you'll get extremely excited. That's the same feeling I got.


But, as seen from the reviews below, it's not "worth the money." This might be a relative thing. Many users liked it, but most thought it was still just "a toy."

For those of us who haven't listened to a record in a long time, or can't listen to a certain record because it's only on vinyl, this might be the way to go, without having to buy a whole system?

But a bit of a warning, some users have complained that this little box has wrecked their records? If that is the case, destroying any piece of vinyl, expensive or not, is unacceptable, and not worth the novelty. So, play at your own risk.




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