Release Radar 8/8/20-Felt vs Cut Copy

Release Radar 8/8/20-Felt vs Cut Copy
This is my 700th post, hooray! This week my release radar offers more of the same. Blink-182's "Quarantine" is awful, I expect more from them. 

A Replacements' demo for "I Don't Know,"  which is cool, don't get me wrong, but the studio version has that sax blowing in all the right spots. You sort of miss it in the demo, but there's a rawness that kind of makes up for it.

Surfer Blood drops the candy-coated power-pop "Hardboiled." It's good, but I still miss the old Surfer Blood, with Thomas Fekete, who died, young, of cancer. RIP brother, life was way too short for you and your amazing riffs.

We have a new Cut Copy single which I like but, do I sound really old when I say, "I miss the old Cut Copy?" Again, a lot of these new releases are more of the same.

We have another single by Young Jesus and a new record on the horizon, which I’m very excited about.


Matt Pond PA continues to do his thing as an independent artist, selling directly to his fan base through email, including live shows and merch. "The Start" is another beautifully written song, and we expect nothing less from this most accomplished songwriter.

Something that was not in my Release Radar, but that I’m super excited about, is Felt 4 U. The dynamic duo of backpack rap is back! Murs and Slug surprise us with album number four in the Felt series. A series of albums that combine two of the most honest and genuine rappers in the game. After an 11-year hiatus between albums, the boys are back in town, and you just feel like they were made to be together. Produced by Ant for Rhymesayers, with Aesop Rock makes a guest appearance. What more could we ask for?


The Cold War Kids are sounding really good on this new single "Somewhere," and Matt Costa has a "Slow" song that reminds listeners of The Eagles, or Henley at times.

Finally, a progressive jazz cut this week from Jaga Jazzist. Enjoy!

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