Release Radar 8/21/20: Young Jesus vs The Killers

Release Radar 8/21/20: Young Jesus vs The Killers

Did this week fly by? I noticed leaves falling last Friday night while having a beer outside with friends. Winter is coming.

Welcome To Conceptual Beach is finally out. Seven new songs from Young Jesus that won't hit local radio. These guys are a force of their own, I've been slowly picking this moody album apart. "Lark" finds them somewhere in between Jeff Buckley vocally, and Built To Spill musically. Allow twelve minutes of their entertainment to envelope your ears, and take you away to new lands.

After all this time The Killers finally release Imploding The Mirage, their sixth record. "Dying Breed" is the last single from the album, and its chorus is a big dose of The Boss. These boys are still writing stadium songs, with big hooks.

Who the fuck is Bartees Strange? It's time you found out. At times he reminds me of Lewis Del Mar, but with a rap vibe. Search out "Mustang," and his effortless flow. I'm all in!

Run River North is back with "Cemetery." I can picture my family driving into Yellowstone with this on the radio.


Pharell and JAY-Z give us something funky to boom on our systems, and our Boy Pablo sprinkles some saccharine into our Release Radar with "Rest Up."

Your jazz cut of the week is "The Lemonade Song," from Pink Martini. A refreshing jaunt that's not too jazzy, but a fun, summer swinger.

Mask up, and enjoy the last weeks of summer.

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