"Murphy's Law" Was One Of The First Punk Songs I Liked

"Murphy's Law" Was One Of The First Punk Songs I Liked


"Murphy's Law" was one of the first punk songs I was compelled to like.

The other was "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker." These days I might prefer "Rockaway Beach," but then again there's always a new Ramones song to discover. Anyway, both were brought to my attention by a childhood friend, Walter Oleksijew.


Wally was the first guy to skate, smoke, and listen to punk rock. He was probably the first guy to do a lot of other things too. But, he was bold, funny, and magnetic. Maybe enigmatic is the correct word? Regardless, he made you laugh, and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Wally brought me into the world of punk rock and roll. First with the Ramones in 5th grade, then with Murphy's Law in 10th. I never really took to the dress code, but I loved the aesthetic. I also loved writing original music. These bands captured the zeitgeist, I wanted to encapsulate.

First off, who writes a theme song about their band? Murphy's Law, that's who! I mean, it's badass. Almost as badass as writing a song about a teenage lobotomy, but let us not get sidetracked.

On their self-titled, Profile Records, release, Jimmy G doesn't ask you to "Put your hands in the air," but instead tells the listener, "We don't care what you say/We're gonna mosh it up today." If you want to join in, cool. If not, we are going to mosh, drink beer, and have fun.

It has one verse and three choruses, with a lead guitar mixed in at the bridge. It made me want to have sex with women, and drink beer. Better yet, "Murphy's Law," made me want to punch a hole in the world. It made me feel alive.

I know there were other punk songs I liked, but this song, and this album, broke new ground for me. It got me away from The Smiths, and LL Cool J for a moment. It showed me a new side of rock music, a side that didn't take itself so serious.

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