Release Radar 6/12/20: Twin Peaks vs Gizmo Varillas

Release Radar 6/12/20: Twin Peaks vs Gizmo Varillas

Most of what made my Release Radar this week were remixes and guest spots. I mentioned a few weeks back that I'm so tired of that trend. Maybe it's no longer a trend, maybe it's here to stay?

Twin Peaks is one of those collabos, but this one actually works well. The guys benefit from the swooning female voices and could use more charm, like their getting from V.V. Lightbody and Ohmme, in their repertoire. It's a funky jam that sees the band staying true to the style.

Paul McCartney drops in with a beautiful little acoustic ballad. Some of the best work he's done in years. It's quick and to the point. A nice reprieve for your backyard playlist.


Here we go with another collaboration, this time featuring Elton John? Yep, Surfaces give us a sunny jam that has a guest spot by none other than Sir Elton. I'll be honest, it's cool, but it almost feels forced. This song would've been great without the star power, but I do like it.

Murs must be putting together a full-length album? He's consistently released a new single almost every week for the last month or so. They've all been quality, and "Cocaine Rap" is no different. I'm not a fan of the genre, and it seems like Murs isn't either. He states his case while guesting on this new Sir Veterano track. Yep, another collaboration.img_2257

I've talked about Gizmo Varillas a lot lately. "A Silver Lining" is another great track from an inspired voice and songwriter.

Colony House put something special out this week, "The Walls Come Crashing Down" and I wanted you to give it a listen. There's a subtle beauty to it, that stays with you.

Finally, jazz, lest not we forget. "What Is Geography Without Borders" is the selection for the week, by Slow Is The New Fast. I know, a great name and an even better song title.

Go in peace, my friends.

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