Singing Along To The Posies "Solar Sister"

Singing Along To The Posies "Solar Sister"

The Posies Frosting On The Beater is a landmark album and my favorite thing they've written.

"Solar Sister" is the song that put them in the spotlight, and the reason for writing this post.

It has one of those choruses that you can't help singing along to. For me, the most important part, or endearing touch, is the way they stretch out that final note of each phrase.

"Mute it to a whisper-er-er-er, er-er-er
And spin your solar sister-er-er-er, er-er-er
And magnet will deliver-er-er-er, er-er-er
An arrow from her quiver-er-er-er, er-er-er"

I don't know of another song that has that same cadence? It's such a treat, that you're constantly waiting for that part to return. As a songwriter, you live for that. Not only enticing millions of people to sing your song, but to write something you'll always enjoy playing and singing.

I can't play that album without hearing "Solar Sister" two or three times. The whole thing is special, from "Flavor Of The Month," to "Dream All Day." Chock-full of great pop-rock, that played as the antidote to all the grunge crowding the airwaves during the 90s.

"Can you hear it? Like an invitation!"

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