Release Radar 5/22/20- Tim Burgess vs Trashcan Sinatras

Release Radar 5/22/20- Tim Burgess vs Trashcan Sinatras

Happy Friday, or should I say, "Happy Release Radar!?" Home Depot was a fucking mess this morning. Don't go there for flowers, or anything, you'll get the virus. "C'mon, Mr. Cut Out, keep this post positive!" Okay, Okay.

Finally Tim Burgess, of Charlatans' fame, releases his full album, I Love The New Sky. If you've followed the Cut Out Kid, you know I'm a huge fan of this guy, he is a creative force. His solo releases have been spotty, though, so I'll keep you abreast of this one as I lean into it.

This is a nice surprise, a single from the Trashcan Sinatras! "The Closer You Move Away From Me" is the song, and I'm gathering it's all about our current situation. Glad to have those gentlemen back in the studio.

An acoustic version of The Districts "Velour and Velcro" shows up in my #RADAR and I'm loving it.

It's studio-quality and showcases their songwriting. It's worth your time. So, is the above video.

So glad the Local Natives brought this song back for the Summer of 2020. I loved when The Cardigan's Nina Perrson sang on "Dark Days," originally, but now it's Amelia Meath of Sylvan Esso taking her turn, and she sounds good.

Nina brings the sexy, while Amelia brings the sultry. One thing is for certain, I love this track, and those guitar melodies are silky.

Sure Sure's vibe on "What Were We Doing If We Weren't In Love?" is one of upbeat loss. I saw them open for Hippo Campus several years ago at The Vic, and they have a great sound.


The '90s are making a steady return with Snoop and, now, the all-seeing third eye. Third. Eye. Blind. Really? "Disorder," picks up right where they left off..kind of.

Snoop Dogg finally gives us something worth fuckin' wit. Yes, "I Want To Go Outside" is old school fun that reminds me of the G-Funk Era, with Warren G and Nate Dogg. I miss them.

We Are Scientists are back with a song about cutting your own hair and sounding a lot like Interpol, while the Editors are back sounding a lot like themselves. We Are Scientists have impressed me more, but it's nice to have them in the mix.


In other news, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande did a song together, that's pretty unforgettable. These days I'm starting to appreciate Grande more and more. Not just for her looks; that voice is truly a blessing.

One more quick note before we blow. Lewis Del Mar is prepping a new album. He's one of my latest addictions. His self-titled masterpiece kept popping up on all of my algorithmed (yes, I made that word up) playlists, so I've slowly become a fan. His latest single is no joke. "The Ceiling" is off-kilter fun, Lewis at his best. Get ready, he's primed to explode.

I've liked everything I've heard from Jack Jezzro. He puts out beautiful jazz, sometimes with a classical tinge. This week he gives us another hearty dose of what the doctored ordered. "Misty" is great for an outside chill session. Take a thought collecting moment for this one, and reflect on everything you're grateful for.

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