Music Friendly Distancing With Scott Lucas

Music Friendly Distancing With Scott Lucas

Who would've thought we'd be seeing artists perform on top of the Empty Bottle? Not me. I never saw any of this coming. Not the virus, nor the drastic change in how we share music.


Scott Lucas, from Local H, played on the roof of the Empty Bottle for a series of shows called Music Friendly Distancing. You can click the link to see who's played sets already, and the ones that are coming up.


I've watched sets from people I've never heard of, like Tasha, and there's still a novelty about seeing an artist perform on a rooftop. It's a freedom that accentuates live music of any genre. Strip the soul bare, and what have we here?


The Beatles played an unannounced show on top of Apple Records on January 30th, 1969. This is the first I'd ever heard of bands doing this sort of thing. What a cool concept.


Fast forward 51 years and we are seeing this as a commonplace act to keep local music venues afloat. You can buy virtual tickets, or you can buy Empty Bottle swag. Either way, innovation through music is leading the way, keeping us together while we have to be apart.

I bought a t-shirt and watched the show. Your move.

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