Hothouse Flowers Sound Like The Longpigs

Hothouse Flowers Sound Like The Longpigs

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Yes, this is a joke. The Longpigs sound like the Hothouse Flowers, not the other way around.

But I found The Longpigs first. I'd always known of the Hothouse Flowers, and even liked a few songs of theirs from the '80s, but I didn't collect their albums until recently. So, to me, the Hothouse Flowers sound like The Longpigs.

I never saw any stylistic connection between the two bands until I heard “Trumpets. “ Then, holy shit, this song comes on Spotify Radio, and I’m thinking, "Cool, Spot hooked me up with some ‘Pigs!"

But, I've never heard this song. I check my phone and it’s Hothouse Flowers. What’s the degree of separation? 6? Yes, that’s it! Whoa!

Thank god for weird algorithms and intrusive software that can read your thoughts and identify your likes. I mean how can any of this technology be bad when it's helping music junkies like me tie two random bands together?

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