Release Radar 3/27/20: Butch Walker vs Day Wave

Release Radar 3/27/20: Butch Walker vs Day Wave

We need more Butch Walker these days, and fortunately, we get word that he will have a new album out on May 8th, called American Love Story. His new single is "Pretty Crazy," and it's a lot of fun. He's saying it's a departure from his normal style of pop, calling this release a rock opera.


"Man overboard, let him drown!" That's the battle cry from Sage Francis and B. Dolan who make up a supergroup, of sorts, called Epic Beard Men. Of Course, Sage steals the show, but Dolan proceeds to keep a nice balance and their voices actually work well together. I'm looking forward to tearing this one apart. There is no better lyricist in the game of rap than the SAGE!

Day Wave gives us "Potions," which is reminiscent of The Drums at times. Continuing in the same vein as "Starting Again," both singles show great promise for a strong new album.

The everchanging Car Seat Headrest returns this week with "Martin." Chill vibe, good song.


I got to see Surf Rock Is Dead perform at Lincoln Hall a few years back and they impressed me. A two-piece that can sound like five, this noise-rock outfit returns with the spacey "Immaculate" and I'm really digging it.

Man Man brings big, funky horns on "Future Peg," and Albert Hammond brings us more Strokes-like rock to sink our teeth into with "Automatic Line."

img_0319Englewood supplies us with our little slice of freeform this week, in the soulful, jazzy number, "Immaculate Taste." Weirdly, that's two songs in my radar this week with immaculate in the song title.

This week's Release Radar wasn't the strongest group of songs. I found myself hitting the "I don't like this song" button more often than not. Hopefully, cabin fever isn't making me too critical. Stay strong, friends.

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