Is Bear Hands The Last Concert I'll Ever See?

Is Bear Hands The Last Concert I'll Ever See?

Tonight Bear Hands, the band who recorded my favorite album of 2019, Fake Tunes, is playing Subterranean, in Chicago's Bucktown. As fear of the Coronavirus spreads, fewer public gatherings, i.e. concerts, are being allowed.


As a matter-of-fact, the governor of Illinois just announced the closing of all public stadiums and theatres with seating over 250 people until May.


My friend just texted me that the Drive-By Truckers show, Friday night here in Chicago, has been canceled already.


This has me thinking, "Is Bear Hands the last concert I'll see...for a while?"


Not sure, but this show better be lit if it is! Right now I'm letting my spirit guide set the course and I'm heading out to see my favorite band play.


Look for me by the bathrooms, I'll be selling hand sanitizer and surgical masks.

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