Cellar Dweller: Epic Brewing 2017 "Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist"

Cellar Dweller: Epic Brewing 2017 "Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist"

Today DDB (dontdrinkbeer) was fanboying about the $50, 12 oz, bottle of Toppling Goliath's BA Coconut Assassin, that resells to the tune of $450. Yep, you heard that right. Some people will pay for $500 for a 12 oz bottle of beer, huh? Mindblowing...

He described in great detail this "depressing masterpiece" and how it wrecked the game because it was that good but so overpriced. I understand both sides, but I'm not in the market for this type of beer, and even if I could afford it, I could NEVER get my hands on it.


Back to the beer I just drank, and the beauty of the Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist. The nose is a beautiful piece of work on this Epic beer, maybe the best part. Light coconut, java, and bourbon. The warmer it gets, the better each sip is. The whiskey comes out, clawing at your throat. But as long as you keep your nose in the glass that coconut keeps that smooth ride arriving.


Everything is barrel-aged in here, the coffee beans, the coconut, and two separate barrels, whiskey and bourbon, were part of the process. Somehow they figured out how to make it all work together. This wasn't a happy accident.


Now I'm sure that the Assassin variant might be pretty nifty, but for the price point of the Baptist, I'm super impressed. You can get your hands on this for right around $20, and you'll get 22 ounces for that amount. Now, keep in mind, this bottle was from 2017, and the waiting has helped this mature tremendously. It's not as in your face as it was when it was first released, it's more approachable. Everything tastes a bit lighter and the adjuncts have melded together quite nicely.

It's not the best barrel-aged beer I've ever had, but it's a great offering.

Throw on Better Call Saul, and sip this for an hour. You won't be disappointed.

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