It's January 2020, Where Are The Flying Cars?

It's January 2020, Where Are The Flying Cars?


It’s January, 2020 and where are the flying cars? As a kid, you'd hear the year 2020 spoken and it would instantly spark futuristic thoughts of high-tech, aerodynamic, high-flying cars. Everyone would have blue hair and they'd be talking to their wrists or arms, or wherever that built-in speaker would be for phone calls?

Well, the latter is true, everyone seems to have colored hair, and face tattoos, but that's a different blog post. The first statement has yet to happen though, as we don’t have any flying vehicles. Very soon the Boring Company will give us underground tunnels but we still don't have flying cars.

One thing we seem to have tons of these days though is depression. You know, that thing they call anxiety, that has millions of people scrambling to find the right medicine to make them feel whole again? That feeling is one of hopelessness. So how and why, does it get so bad, so quickly?

My stomach is in knots today as I write. I’m writing to dispel the hurting and the hopelessness that comes calling this time of year. It creeps back in and the next thing you know you're feeling like a teenager who's had their heartbroken for the first time. Short of breath, with body aches. I don’t feel like killing myself, I just feel hopeless and I can only describe it as a sort of "depression." I struggle with that term because my mother was bipolar schizophrenic, and I've always been afraid of that diagnosis and tried to steer as far away from it as I could.


Is it the month of January? The starting over of a new year? Is it anxiety? I always thought of anxiety as a knee-jerk, or twitching type thing. I don’t know how to frame anxiety for myself but for me, the feeling I’m feeling today can only be described as hopelessness. I think a lot of that hopelessness or fear comes from the unknown. Where am I going next? What is the next step for me in life?

I quit my job 6 months ago to take care of my girls, and it's been a bit of an adjustment, as a stay-at-home person. I'm good with it now, but have to wonder, "What does 2020 have in store for me?


I think that's where all the apprehension and hopelessness come from?

Have a good day. Be nice to yourself.

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