2015 Dosvidanya Rye Barrel: "I Waited Too Long"

2015 Dosvidanya Rye Barrel: "I Waited Too Long"

Like a Russian Matryoshka or ‘nesting’ doll, the secret of Dosvidanya Russian Imperial Stout lies locked deep within her dark, mysterious and elaborate wooden layers. The hidden soul of this oak rye whiskey barrel-aged beer that we said Dosvidanya (goodbye) to several months before revealing, is its rich, robust and roasty maltiness that finishes dry, spiciness from the barrel.

Heartburn Ave is a hard row to hoe. This super spicy affair starts off sexy, with a generous amount of head. It smells almost as good as your high school prom date? If only you had the balls to ask her to the dance.


You take a swig and the burning sensation that follows makes you wonder how this experience was in 2015? My immediate thought is “I waited too long.” But wait, if this is still hot now, wtf would’ve happened 4 years ago? Probably be shitting bricks...

More sips: the roasted almond is nice, but the bludgeoned oak, chocolate curry, is rough. This campfire swallow burns going down. I’m just not enjoying this beer as I’d hoped to. So sugary and syrupy it dragged the only living fruit fly in Big Grandma’s house over to my area. He just circled around, hoping to make a smooth landing in my sticky tulip.

This was a little too much for me and I still had to be Santa, so I used a trusty Beer Saver cap and bottled the rest for the birth of Christ.

Day 2, the oily ink is still with bronze head and some very tight race track lacing. Initially, there's charred chocolate in the nose, but the oak and rye envelope the swallow. Honestly, this beer needed time to breathe. It's much better tonight, but still a monster beer!

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