Ode To "Sticky Fat": A 2017 & 2018 Side-By-Side

Ode To "Sticky Fat": A 2017 & 2018 Side-By-Side

I was going to do three year vertical of Sticky Fat when it came out this year, but as I've previously written, Half Acre did not brew it.


So, as an ode to the fallen beast, I did a side-by-side with my last two cans, a 2017 and a 2018. Both have been in my beer fridge and kept cold, since their proper releases. Here’s what ensued.


The 2018 seemed to still replicate the essence of Sticky Fat. It still had some warm pine and a rich roast to it. Not a black IPA, and not a full-on wet-hopped dark ale, but still a very drinkable, dark, pale ale. So, I did, in fact, finish the beer.


The 2017 had no legs. Though it did pour a thick, rich head, and the nose had quite a roast to it, it wasn't very drinkable. I could barely finish it. The only redeeming quality was that leathery, lathering head that would not quit. It had a silky mouthfeel, but zero hop character to it.


I no longer have any Sticky Fat lying around. I poured out my last drop. It's gone, but we will always have the memories.


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