"Ease Up Kid" By Hippo Campus

"Ease Up Kid" By Hippo Campus

Three months ago Hippo Campus dropped an album of demos called, you guessed it, Demos II.

I've known about it for a while, but I guess I missed the genius of a song called "Ease Up Kid." What a beaut.

For most bands, this is a hit. But for these amazing songwriters, it didn't make the proper record.

This little video above shows the chemistry these boys have with each other, and it's nothing short of The Beatles. That's right, I said it. There is no pretense, and it's so obvious in this clip. Take a gander and then listen to the song a few hundred times after, as I did.

Oh yeah, and WXRT, why the fuck aren't you playing anything by these guys? That's right, you're still playing songs from the '90s like "The World I Know."

Same goes for you Sirius XMU, you guys could easily spin these kids more instead of trying to be so dammed alternative with your super organisms.
One more thing: rumor has it that 2,000 copies of Demos II were pressed on vinyl, to be released on Record Store Day. Let's get it!

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