5 Hacks For The Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort

5 Hacks For The Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort

If you are heading out to Daytona Beach and decide to book a room at the Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort, here are five easy, yet helpful hacks.


1.) Check-in is at the South Tower, but you might want to cruise past that first entrance, off of A1A (Beachfront Avenue), and just unload at the North Tower (the 2nd entrance on your right). Even if you're staying in the South Tower, you still might want to drop your family at the North Tower entrance and walk over to check-in. There's way more room to drive through and unload, and there's plenty of room just inside the doors where your family can sit and wait on a big leather couch. You won't feel as much pressure from the valet sharks and you won't be embarrassed pulling up in your minivan full of screaming kids. Let the playboys have the South Tower to rock pricey convertibles, and drop off their dime pieces.

Also, the South Tower drop-off is all uphill, creating a very dangerous situation. You're riding your break, waiting for the car in front of you to pull forward, hoping you don't roll back into the $200, 000 Maserati behind you. It doesn't have to be this intense. Do yourself a favor and skip the tourist trap. Drop off and pick up at the North Tower entrance. You'll thank me later.


2.) There's an amazing hot tub on the grounds, hidden away at the back of the pool area, with some of the best jets ever. I felt like I got a massage after I got out! But, if you don't look for it, you won't find it. It's awesome, even on those blistering hot days, hit it first thing in the morning and your hips will thank you.


3.) The Blind Turtle Cafe is just outside the back of the hotel and has a really great happy hour. They have mixed drinks for $6, or you can opt to grab a Landshark Lager for $3. Hard to beat that second option.

Also, they do serve food, and the Footlong Hotdog basket is a good option for kids and adults. First off, it's HUGE! It looks like a brat and tastes somewhere right in the middle, so let's call it a BratDog. It comes with a basket of fries and a family of four could all share it. We got two, well, because we had no idea just how GIGANTIC these things were, so we had a ton leftover. The fries were fantastic!


4.) Each Day make sure you drink their infused water that is sitting near the main entrance by the South Tower. The water is divine! I had cucumber and orange, and I couldn't get enough. I found myself walking out of my way to grab a little glass at every turn.


5.) Bring a flashlight and get up before the sun rises if you want to have any chance of finding shells. The woman at the front counter said to venture out to the sandbar but I didn't have the heart to do that. The kids were happy finding small shells.

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