Daddy and Other Daddy Rock The Elbow Room-7/11/19

Daddy and Other Daddy Rock The Elbow Room-7/11/19
Daddy and Other Daddy brought the rock to Elbow Room last night. At times sounding like the Beastie Boys, then the Pixies, even LCD Soundsystem. For the most part, though, they sounded like themselves, meaning they present an original idea. They call it "Twitchy Indie," Pitchfork calls it Noise Rock. Either way, people were moving.
Two friends, "LADYCAT" Mark Driscoll and Patrick Gunderson "THE TREASURE," come together on stage to create a fun sound that merges rock and hip hop. Driscoll plays bass, guitar, and everything else under the sun, while Gunderson holds it down with drums, keys, and vocals.
That friendship shines on stage as both members seem comfortable in any role that calls them.
There is no better feeling than playing in a band, except for playing in a band where the members believe in each other. That’s the pinnacle of music and my take away from the night.
Another cool thing about these dudes is they do vinyl. They are putting out colored, 7-inch records. How you like them apples?
Now get out and support this band!

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