After Nearly 30 Years In The Game, Local H Is Still Rocking

After Nearly 30 Years In The Game, Local H Is Still Rocking

Local H brought their gig bag of tricks to the Cubby Bear, filled with a little something for everybody.  Playing in front of a video screen that was showing the Bad News Bears, Scott and Co. took the focus off of themselves and let the music do the talking.


Rifling through a set that included gems like "Bound for the Floor," "Look Who's Walking On Four Legs Again," "The Misanthrope," "Fritz's Corner, and "Eddie Vedder," or what the layman call, "As Good As Dead." The latter of which still sounds fresh today, and works as a great sing-a-long.

"H," as my buddy calls them, played to a packed house. I might even fathom a guess that a few of the girls there were a little over served? One, in particular, kept jumping up and down, bumping into me. At one point I thought she was going to jump the wall that separated the main floor from the raised viewing area in the back. I kept backing up for fear that at any moment, she would spray the nearest person.


"Gigbag Road" and "California Songs" stole the show.

"California Songs," is the true essence of Local H. A true tale of not being recognized in the midwest, or Chicago in particular, as other cities like New York and California were always given preference on radio and TV.

"And here we go again Its never gonna end/We're all so sick of California Songs
Yeah, We know you love L.A./There's nothing left to say
Please no more California Songs /And Fuck New York too"


"Gigbag Road" hacks together a crunchy guitar riff with a propulsive drum beat that gains steam as the song marches on.

"I woke up on the rumble strip/Now I'm in the passing lane
We move at a comfortable clip/Marching in the big parade
Coming forth to carry me home/Walking down the gig bag road"

It's reminiscent of the Nirvana days, and makes you wonder what they would've been doing at this point? One thing is for certain, no one saw Local H carry on well into 2020. It's truly amazing how far Scott has taken this band.

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