Earth Radio Bring Jam Band Jazz To The Livery-3/15/19

Earth Radio Bring Jam Band Jazz To The Livery-3/15/19

We were heading up to Benton Harbor for a guys weekend. The trip was planned around a St. Paddy's Day Pub Crawl at North Pier Brewing.


I did a little recon and found out there was a band playing at The Livery on the Friday night we arrived.


Earth Radio is a jam band, with a thick streak of jazz transfusion running through their blood. Each musician standouts as an artistic force. Labeled as a "supergroup," they have won several awards throughout the Michigan area.

Wow, we’re so grateful to the Michigan music community! Our band, in it’s first year and first time performing under our name at WYCE Jammie Awards took home “Best Jazz Album” from WYCE “Emerging Artist of the Year” from Local Spins for our debut record.


At times, it can seem like each band member is playing alone, jamming in their own little world. That's kind of what jazz transfusion sounds like.

Lead singer, Hannah Laine (Vocals, Keys) has incredible depth and is not afraid to take you on a scat trip, with her Joplin-esque runs. She can sing high and she can belt low, all the while you're wondering, "How is that sound coming out of her?" It's otherworldly.

Bass player Justin Avdek (Bass, Guitar, Vocals) drops some funky, soulful, grooves. Though it's the high, hammer-ons that had me loving his free form fingers. Same goes for guitarist Travis Swanson, who noodles more than a Buddhist monk. Add in the funky drummer Mario Copland, and you have some solid entertainment.

Copeland is amazing, to say the least. A show, in and of himself. Breaking off into hip-hop tinged solos that defied time signatures, and challenged the listeners ear. A treat to watch and wonder, "How are these one-minute journeys going to fit back into the song that the band was playing?"

Overall it was an entertaining performance that I'd love to see again. I bought the CD on the way out and it's been in the disc changer ever since.

"Frequent Seas" has everything I described above, showcasing the best parts of the band.

“Mall Walking (Keep on rocking)” is another one of my favorite cuts from the funkdafied, soulful endeavor.

Check them out on Spotify, and go support them when they stroll through your town.

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