The Stone Roses' Incredible B-Side "Going Down"

The Stone Roses' Incredible B-Side "Going Down"

I have been a huge Stone Roses fan since my teens. I collected the vinyl, while they were still playing together. Back then, in the 90's it was cheap, because CD's were the thing.

Now vinyl is huge. Yep, if you haven't heard, everyone is back into vinyl.


Of course, this makes the hobby a lot more expensive. When I was a kid you could grab a Smiths, or a Roses 12" single for $5, now you'd be hard pressed to find one for $25.


But I digress, this post was more about the Stone Roses and their incredible song, or b-side, titled "Going Down."

It was on the "Made Of Stone" single, with the instrumental, or backmasking masterpiece, "Guernica," which turns out, is also the name of a Pablo Picasso painting.


"Guernica" is fascinating in its own right, but it's the beautiful and poignant "Going Down" that caught my ear.

I distinctly remember throwing it on my brother's counsel stereo, which sounded really nice and warm, considering the time. To me, this is what The Stone Roses did best, creating little slices of pop heaven, over and over, again and again.

There was something innocent about "Going Down." A subtle vocal, a bluesy guitar riff, and a bouncing bass line, all locked together by a fantastic drumbeat, full of little flourishes.

What really hooked me was the bridge,

"All thoughts of sleep desert me/There is no time
Thirty minutes brings me round to her number nine."

God was that special.

And so were many of their other b-sides. You should really look into them if you haven't had a chance yet.

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