The Middle Kids Release Anthemic Debut

The Middle Kids Release Anthemic Debut

In 2018, SiriusXMU spun the Middle Kids a lot. First, they hooked us with the single "Edge of Town" from the self-titled EP, Middle Kids (check out their XMU Session here). It has everything your expecting from a great rock song. The quiet build-up of the verse, the rocking crunch of the chorus, and the awesome solo at the end, performed with a bottle slide. Did I mention powerful female vocals?

That single got me interested in the band. Then the station played, "Mistake," and the 'Kids have since kept my attention.

You can find both singles on the Middle Kids debut album, Lost Friends. Both hooky, radio-ready gems, that you'll want to sing along with, or, at least bop your head.

While those two songs are great, it's the deep cuts from the LP,  like "On My Knees," and "Bought It," that I'm now dying for.

"I swim, when I am on my knees it's different/I swear, falling off my feet
I stare, everything a little different/There's something there that I have never seen."

"On My Knees," has this chorus that just blows me away everytime I hear it. When Hannah Joy hits those ethereal notes, "I swim," its otherworldly.

Same goes for the chorus of "Bought It." It's beautiful because of its vulnerability.

"So, let it out/I need a little something and I can't seem to get it now."

I love a great female singer, and I especially love great lyrics. Do I like anthemic hooks? Yes, yes I do.

"With breezy sing-alongs like “Mistake” and “On My Knees,” they effectively thread the winsome early-’90s alt pop of Belly and the Cranberries..."

-Stuart Berman of Pitchfork

The Middle Kids debut is an entertaining listen. There is a lot more to discover if you have the time?

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