Butch Walker Covers Post Malone's "Better Now"

Butch Walker Covers Post Malone's "Better Now"

The thing I love most about Butch Walker is that he doesn't take himself too seriously. He never has.

His concerts are non-stop, high-energy fun. This is why his fans love him. He's an amazing musician, who can't be held down by constraints, covering everything from classic rock to teenage pop.

So, it was no surprise when I saw that he tackled Post Malone's "Better Now." A sort of hip-hop singalong that most bands wouldn't touch, or have any understanding of how to make it their own. Butch has taken this song to a whole new level, and it's way better than the original.

Even better is watching the video, where Butch exudes a confidence that's hard to resist. He plays every instrument on the track and looks so happy rocking out on the drums. There's a charm to this version that Post Malone just couldn't achieve.

Most of all it's addicting. You just want to hear that hook, over and over.

I'm definitely feeling better now. Thanks, Butch!

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