Night Riots "Breaking Free" Is A "Killer" Single

Night Riots "Breaking Free" Is A "Killer" Single

The Night Riots "Breaking Free" is a killer single. The chorus reminds one of The Killers, while the vocal phrasing in the verse is all Andrew McMahon or Jack's Mannequin-esque. All puns aside, though, I'm completely addicted to this tune.

It's anthemic. Another uplifting rock song you'll want to sing along with. So good that it took me down a rabbit hole through their hole Spotify catalog, and it might be the best thing they’ve written. They are a good band and their live show would probably be better. You'll thank me later when you're cruising down the street singing, the hook.

"You’re not my savior just someone I used to see I am broken/Something’s wrong inside of me
I feel violent like I am dying/I feel broken maybe I’m just breaking free."

"Breaking Free" is from an album released in 2016 called Love Gloom. Produced by Joe Chiccarelli (Morrissey, Spoon, The Strokes) it's a worthwhile listen. For reference, I heard it once on Spotify, as a recommendation generated by other songs I was listening to at the moment. All it took was that one spin and I was hooked. I added it to a personal playlist, and it's owned a piece of my mind ever since.

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