Morrissey, Generationals, Cover The Pretenders

Morrissey, Generationals, Cover The Pretenders

In the last couple of weeks, two unique artists have released tasteful covers of The Pretenders.

Morrissey can be heard crooning over "Back On The Chain Gang," where he plays a mean guitar, albeit pretend. IMO this was one of Chrissy Hynde's greatest achievements, and Steven Patrick Morrissey does it justice.

"I found a picture of you, oh oh oh oh, What hijacked my world that night"

The Generationals covered "Kid," and took more of a leap than Mozzer did, painting, what was never a happy song, stark and dark.

"Kid what changed your mood, You've gone all sad so I feel sad too. I think I know, some things we never outgrow."

I'm not sure if I'd call it an eerie cover but it's brooding, yet it still works. For the most part, the boys keep it simple and clean. Much missed Pretender's guitarist James "Jimmy" Honeyman-Scott would be proud of what the super talented, multi-instrumentalists did with this beautiful song.

Both artists succeed with class, paying tribute a band that deserves more scratch, all the way around.

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