Buffalo Tom's "Let Me Come Over" Is 25 Years Old & They Are Playing It Live @ Metro

Buffalo Tom return to Chicago this Saturday to revisit an album they released some 25 years ago. It's hard to believe that Let Me Come Over is that old, or maybe that I'm that old?

Either way, this record brings back memories of high school, and the long drives down to the city to see them play at, what was then called, the Cabaret Metro. Now it's just called Metro, and tomorrow night Buffalo Tom will reappear there to play that famed record in its entirety.

"Taillights Fade" was the single that got everybody's attention, but as I listen back, it's "Frozen Lake" that really draws me in.

Let Me Come Over is an incredible album, full of distorted acoustic rock ballads, complete with heartfelt lyrics. From the rolling bass lines of "Staple," to the crunchy guitars of "Crutch," three to four-minute pop pieces run the gamut, and you can sing along to every song.

The band is saying to get to the Metro on time, as there is NO opening act. They will play Let Me Come Over, all the way through, and then return to the stage to play songs from the rest of the catalog.

As seen from the clip above, where Bill Janovitz jammed with Pearl Jam, this 25th Anniversary show is going to be one for the ages. 

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