Buffalo Tom, Theo Epstein, & Joe Shannahan Celebrate 25th Anniversary of "Let Me Come Over"

Buffalo Tom, Theo Epstein, & Joe Shannahan Celebrate 25th Anniversary of "Let Me Come Over"

For the last two weeks, I have been listening to Buffalo Tom's Let Me Come Over. I have been reading the lyrics to songs like "Frozen Lake," and "Taillights Fade," and connecting childhood memories to their past performances.

I've been doing this, all in preparation, for the 25th Anniversary show, at Metro, in Chicago.


Usually, when a band showcases a certain album they play it first, from start to finish. Then, time permitting, they return to the stage to play a second set that includes hits from the rest of their catalog. Not Buffalo Tom, they did the opposite.


In a surprise move to everyone, they came out swinging for the fences, with hits from their heydays. Opening with "Tree House" and then going straight into "I'm Allowed," they set a frantic pace for an evening of music that clocked in under three hours.

After a few fan favorites from the fabulous Big Red Letter Day, we got a fistful of hits from Sleepy Eyed. "Summer," which feels like an aging anthem for those of us living with, and in, the four seasons.

"Summer's gone a summer song, you've wasted, every day."


Then we get what might be 'Tom's biggest single to date, "Soda Jerk, " and if that wasn't enough to get us jumping, they blow the doors off the Metro with "Tangerine." The boys turn the hook into a call and response, having the crowd chant, "Just a little haiku, To say how much I like you!"

We get "Fortune Teller," we get "Stymied," and eventually, we got "BIRDBRAIN!"
They played three sets during which time Joe Shanahan, owner of Metro, came out to talk about how great the guys were and how they've been involved in his annual Hot Stove Cool Music Chicago benefit concert for years now.


Buffalo Tom lead singer Bill Janovitz then tells the crowd how the charity started in Boston with Theo Epstein, and can you guess who walked out on stage seconds later? None other than the man himself, Theo Epstein. Fresh out of his suit coat from a wedding downtown, the Cubs' president donned an SG and rocked out with Buffalo Tom as they made their way through "The Seeker."



Bill Janovitz continues to talk baseball, mentioning that Cubs and Red Sox have a common denominator, Mr. Epstein, so they'll both make the playoffs. But, since only one team can win, the Boston native remarked, it would NOT be the Chicago Cubs!


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