Tomoka Brewing Crowlered The Wrong Beer, Twice!

Tomoka Brewing Crowlered The Wrong Beer, Twice!

Another stop on the way to Disneyworld was Tomoka Brewing. A recommendation from another craft beer fan, who said they were "doing big things." I will agree, the beer was good, and the selection was vast.


For instance they have a Black Drink Coffee Black IPA that really impressed me. Local coffee and a thick, piney, IPA backbone.

beer2 beer3

I was also impressed with a haze they were brewing called Fruit Salad Hypocrisy. This beer was the reason we actually stopped at Tomoka Brewing. We called to see if they still had it on draft and if we could take it home in a crowler. The girl on the phone said we could.


So, we stopped in, tried a few beers and ordered some crowlers to go. For those that don't know, Crowlers are 32oz cans of beer that can be filled for take out.

The beertender, who seemed a little confused from the getgo, crowlered the wrong beer. Would you believe, twice!

My wife ordered a crowler of HopQuest Blood Orange, which is an IPA, and she received a crowler of Tangerine Florida Weisse, which almost borders a sour style, light and tart. Now they might sound a tad similar, both having some sort of orange in the name, but they drink a LOT different!

Anyway, I ordered a second crowler of Fruit Salad Hypocrisy, a haze beer, and received a crowler of Hazy Sunrise, a wheat ale. Again, the beers are way different styles. All I can think of is maybe she was confused because the wheat ale had the word hazy in its name?

Imagine our surprise when we get back to our hotel, after a day of Disney hell, and we sit down to open up the Blood Orange IPA. My wife looks at me and says, "Do you think this is the right beer? It kind of tastes like a sour? I mean it's not bad..." I take a sip and say, "This is no way an IPA!"

A day later, it's like deja vu! We open up the haze and we have a fruity wheat beer on our hands!? Ughhh. Not good. Not good at all.

God bless the poor girl who served us. Beyond having any sort of beer knowledge (which is really bad for a brewery), she could barely keep up with the small amount of customers who were there.

On a positive note, I wanted a few short pours, as I still had some driving ahead of me and I wanted to be safe. I was told they didn't offer that. But, after speaking to her manager she said they would oblige, which I did appreciate.


Even after all that, I might go back. The beer was good, and people do make mistakes.

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