Ready Or Not Chicago, Fall Is In The Air

Ready Or Not Chicago, Fall Is In The Air

Yesterday I stepped out of the house to a chill in the air. Nothing violent, but I noticed my short sleeved shirt wasn't enough?

Then today my greatest fear was confirmed. Fall is here. Didn't Summer just begin?

The girls and I planted these this Spring!

The girls and I planted these this Spring!

I love fall but hate what follows. Chicago winters are a dirty disaster that seems to never end. If you live in the midwest, that first change of temp in the atmosphere makes you weary, because of what's to come. Yes, I love football, comfort foods, and Halloween, just like you. But once Winter hits, life in Chicago slows to a crawl. The streets, and the landscape, become a dreary, slushy mess.


I've always loved the four seasons and I still love the cool, brisk air that Fall brings. As I kid I loved those backyard football games, the pick'em football pools, and lazy Sundays during my high school years. I think everyone should live somewhere where they can experience each, individual season, or climate change. But sometimes I wonder about the quality of life in Chicago as opposed to an always sunny San Diego?


The bees are still buzzing, and birds are still flying, that's the good news. But you can't help but feel a little apprehensive knowing that weeks, maybe months, of days without sunshine are ahead. I know, I know, instead of dwelling on the bad, I need to accentuate the positive. A girl I work with mentioned that scrumptious bowls of chili are on the horizon, and so is college football. Then pro football. Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love the decorating and the spirit. I love carving pumpkins and I love the look in my daughters' eyes when talking about who they are going to be for the holiday.

I just don't love the winter.


Please dont go Summer, I love you.

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