Happy Hour At Bombshell Brewing? You Should Go!

Happy Hour At Bombshell Brewing? You Should Go!

Thinking about hitting happy hour at Bombshell Brewing? If you're in the area, you should go.

Tucked away in the beautiful, wooded town of Holly Springs, is a brewpub with a lot of nightlife, and some good beers.


Fresh off our flight from Chicago, we arrived in North Carolina to a text from friends (we were visiting in Fuquay-Varina) saying, "Meet us at Bombshell Brewing for a beer." Done. This is a place where my wife and I had previously been, twice, only to find it was closed.


Now was our chance to try finally try some of this NC beer. But first, I have to wait in the car. Wait, what?

After a 2 hour flight and then a 40 minute trip from the airport, my youngest daughter fell asleep in the car. Not a terrible thing as you don't want a crabby kid, screaming in the brewery. So, I sat outside with my gal Paige, while my wife and oldest daughter went in to join our friends.

The establishment, owned by a team of three women, all previous home brewers, was hopping, to say the least.


I remember feeling a pang of jealousy as my wife headed in, along with a constant stream of adults and kids alike. It took me by surprise, as I didn't expect this kind of nightlife at Bombshell.


All of the high-top tables were full, while just a few seats at the bar remained open. There is a patio outside, but I didn't have enough time to check that out.

I needed a beer, so I bellied up to the bar and began chatting up the bartender. I love wet hopped beers so when I saw they had one on draft, and the server said it was just tapped, I was IN!

Many IPAs are made with hops that are dried and pelletized, while wet-hopped beers are added within hours of picking, still wet and fresh from the field—presenting an interesting dilemma for brewers located further than a day from the farm. Turns out, the hassle is worth it.

When I finally got my chance to order, I grabbed their Fresh From The West Wet Hop IPA, and it was fantastic. Super dank, and crushable. I was about to pull the trigger on a $25 growler but my senses got the better of me. Might my wife have had a little influence too?


They also had a Dry-Hopped Citra offering, which is all the rage these days, and it didn't disappoint. It's no Zombie Dust, but very drinkable. Enough so that I took home a 6-pack.


I missed the food truck but my wife assured me it was good. No biggie, we will return next time we hit North Carolina this fall.

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