We Took A Bus To Rip's Tavern To Eat Fried Chicken

We Took A Bus To Rip's Tavern To Eat Fried Chicken

...and it was AMAZING!


Troy has been talking about Rip's Tavern, in Ladd, Illinois, for awhile now.


Supposedly they have the best fried chicken on earth?


So, he rented a bus (a Mercedes-Benz bus), packed it full of beer, and the five of us drove three hours to eat fried chicken.


Four of us were responsible; one of us drank a little too much. Can you guess which one of us that was?


Regardless of my iniquities, both the chicken and the experience were well worth the trip. Matter of fact, I'm ready to do it again, and I promise that the next time I'll be a little more coherent when I taste that masterful, juicy, white chicken breast.

A day later we ate the leftovers and that Quarter Light never tasted so right.


"That chicken fried" was still fantastic. The white meat has so much flavor, and the skin was crunchy and supple. It's hard to compare it to anything else, because I'm not a connoisseur. But having a fresh batch of Rip's makes me want to become a fried chicken aficionado, like this woman below.

As those other tables were receiving their chicken, one would contemplate how much longer one would sit in agony waiting for my own order to arrive. Mine arrived piping hot at the table about 4:45 pm. There is absolutely no way to be able to eat that as it is put in front of you, unless you have a mouth impervious to HOT! So again, the waiting begins and the agony of trying to pull small pieces away from the huge, tender, moist and steaming hot chicken...
But one perseveres, and success at pulling small pieces off the chicken pieces finally lends a helping hand. Oh, the taste is indescribable, but I am making an effort to say this is the best chicken, period! Hands down.-RANDOM CHICKEN FAN


We also had the Fried Mushrooms and the Pickles and Crispies. The Fried Mushrooms were some of the best I've had, and I would definitely recommend them. At first I scoffed at the Pickles and Crispies, but let me tell you, they are tart, salty, and crunchy! Order those too while your waiting in line.

"These are fresh mushrooms coated in their batter then deep fried. Nothing better!" -RANDOM MUSHROOM LOVER


Did I mention that they had Hamm's on tap? Yes, they did. I drank four too many. According to the internet, some people order a Hamm's at Rip's by saying, "Bring me the old man beer."

Also, I'm a craft beer fan, so I have to mention that Rip's had Tangled Roots, Kit Kupfer, an American Amber Ale, on tap. So, if you want to skip the old man beer, you can grab a pint of craft.


To recap, there is usually a line, and, yes, the chicken is worth the wait. If you're worrried about the wait, there are things to do once you get inside the door. The waitress will come by and you can order a beer for starters. This might help tied you over, no? Also, there are a few Golden Tee gaming machines along the way as well.


As legend has it, people use to bring their coolers of beer and wait in line all afternoon, until it opened, drinking outside of Rip's. When a new mayor was elected, he made drinking outside of an establishment, or Rip's, illegal and started ticketing people. Ironically, a few weeks after this law was put in place, Rip's burned down.


When it was rebuilt, there was a much longer space added on, so that all those people could now wait in line, inside Rip's, where it was legal to sell beer, and to drink it.

If the walls could talk?

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