On One Night, The Trashcan Sinatras Give Us Two Albums

On One Night, The Trashcan Sinatras Give Us Two Albums

"One Night, Two Albums.” That's what the Trashcan Sinatras were calling their latest tour.

I bobbed my head in wonderment when I wasn't singing aloud as the boys played their way through two of their finest albums.
The debut Cake was played first, proceeded by their sophomore success, I've Seen Everything. It was truly a fan's dream.

There's something great about hearing one of your favorite bands play an album from start to finish. When sequenced just right, the flow of an album can be perfect, with each song lending itself to the next. That's how Cake plays out. Ten songs each better than the next. With the first couple songs you know what's coming, but midway through, there's still an element of surprise.


Before we reminisce about Cake, I have to mention the amazing openers. "How Can I Apply" is one of my all-time favorite Trashcan songs. Longing to be loved is the theme, with a chorus that you can't stop singing.

"All The Darkhorses" offers beautiful sunsets and the promise of hope. Both showcase what this band does best and gave us a glimpse of the night that was to come.

Two harmonious acoustic guitars, played by Francis Reader (lead singer) and John Douglas (rhythm guitar), and one shimmering electric played by Paul Livingston, who at times looked like Picasso's "Old Guitarist" hunched over on stage.


Livingston's solos, riffs, and harmonics are the paint to Reader's canvas. The harmonies and rhythms Douglas is responsible for, act as the frame.


I won't go into all the jingle jangle that this album explores, I will simply say the songs sounded glorious. There is no better spot than Space to see an intimate show, and there is no better band than the Trashcans to fill it.

Before tearing into their debut's opener "Obscurity Knocks," Reader remarked "The label said to lead with the single. So, we did just that." Off they went playing Cake.

One standout that you don't often hear, was "Funny."  Very warm and intimate, you can listen below.

It's been years since I have heard a lot of the stuff from I've Seen Everything, so seeing some of these songs live again was the highlight of the night.

"Hayfever" was the first single from their second album and it didn't disappoint. I still love the urgency this song brings, and even acoustically it was still present.

The encore, "Weightlifting," was the perfect ending to an inspirational night of music. A friend of mine, who was also in attendance, looked at me and said, "That's my favorite song. I like that idea; a great weight lifting off my shoulders."

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