Always Push The Mosquito Spray When Camping

Always Push The Mosquito Spray When Camping

It's like that Baz Luhrmann song says, "always wear sunscreen."

Might I add, always wear your bug spray, and NEVER drink too much before setting up your tent. I firmly stand by all of these rules.

But, sometimes you get excited and stop at Greenbush Brewing for their 7 Year Anniversary IPA (7 Years of Good Luck & Bad Timing).


Then, you have to have a slice of pizza at Haymarket Brewing and you might want to wash it down with their new haze, Hazy Is Lazy.


Wait, what's this? Tapistry just brewed a "Blackberry MilkBama Milkshake?" Oh lord, I might need help with this tent after all.


I got the tent up but I needed Tyler's help. Girls were excited and couldn't wait to run around.

Which leads me to my next point: No matter how hard your daughter pushes for no bug spray, push back.

Tell her honey, "Do you remember the time your eye swelled up like a balloon, on the first night of camping? This happened last year at camping too, right? Ok, let's use this mosquito spray?"



Always wear your mosquito spray when camping.

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