On His Latest Album Josh Rouse Navigates "Love In The Modern Age"

On His Latest Album Josh Rouse Navigates "Love In The Modern Age"

On Josh Rouse's latest single "Businessman," he sings about the trappings of the music industry. Wanting to be with the one he loves while trying to make a living out on the road.

"24 hours a day/I want to be with you babe
24 hours a day/But you know that I can't
24 hours a day/I'm a businessman"

Most of his life has been spent touring. Unfortunately, that's where most artists make their money these days.

Maybe that's why he named his latest record, Love in the Modern Age because it's hard navigating the road as an artist and a family man? Maybe in the modern age, love itself is hard, as we live on social media. Yes, we can stay connected more, but not in a personal way.

Go to dinner with a group of friends these days, and notice how most of the group is on their phones. Even when we are with each other, it seems we are not. Maybe my daughter doesn't look at her grandma on Facetime, because she knows she's not really there. She can't hug her. She can't sit on her lap and sleep by her. More connected, yet further away than ever.

When I heard Josh singing about being a "businessman" though, it made me think about the man he has become. Never satisfied with one style, Rouse has worn several different hats throughout his career. He's done the Rhymin' Simon thing, 1972, which was stellar, and is still my wife's favorite record.

He's done the alternative rock thing, Home, and he was born as a singer-songwriter, see Dressed Up Like Nebraska. Flamenco, check. Jazz, check. Pop-Rock? All the time.

Josh Rouse is loved by a lot of people and has adoring fans all over the world because he keeps us on our toes. He has toured endlessly, keeping his act personal to his fans. Smaller rooms where you feel connected to him. Even in the modern age...

Josh will be playing Space, in Evanston, this Thursday night (May 17th). Check him out.

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