Every Hippo Campus Song Becomes An Anthem @ The Vic Theatre 2/19/18

Every Hippo Campus Song Becomes An Anthem @ The Vic Theatre 2/19/18

Another energetic set ends with Hippo's latest single "Buttercup." There is syncopated shouting and clapping.

"Holy-hell, I can tell that you hate me/Dying moon, keep me up, keep me waiting."
Tonight, every Hippo song is an anthem, even the quiet ones.

They encore with "Violet." It's maybe the most anthemic song they own, besides "Suicide Saturday." Which was played, and was stellar!
"American eyes/See peace on earth, and truth in lies..."

Enter chorus:

"Violet, trying to start your riot/Trying to get up and then go
So the world will always know/Violet, you and your fucked up riot
Trying to get up and then go/So the world will always know."

Crowd chants. Heads explode. Fists are pumping, mouths are smiling, and singing.

"You go go go/You go go go."

What a way to end their Chicago set.

I was up in the balcony screaming along. I wanted to be on the floor, but that space is for the kids. I'm old, and so are the people I'm with. The Vic has a really nice balcony for old folks, with easy access to the bathrooms and a bar. See how old people think?

  1. "Poems"-Pearly, pretty prize, and a ribbon box of sighs/In a collared shirt/She thought it wouldn't hurt...
  2. "Interlude"-Horns, feedback. Welcome to the party...
  3. "Suicide Saturday"-Where all the fist pumping began!
  4. "Western Kids"-This song makes you want to MOVE!
  5. "No Pomegranates"-Lead guitar player Nathan gets his spot in the limelight. Really upbeat. I like it but it needs to have more of a Hippo feel to work on record.
  6. "Little Grace"-Another anthem...
  7. "Traveller"-The lead on this reminds me of the Greatful Dead, or Phish. Definintely jam band-ish. The breakdown part is the bomb: "I woke with a headache/My bones and my body/Screamed, "Son, where the hell is your head?"/I reached for some water/To quench the fire/That's burning up in my bed."
  8. "Warm Glow"-The intuition of this band together is better than anything I’ve seen.
  9. "Simple Season"-This simple season is all ours...
  10. "Joy"-A new take from Jake. It's refined and spacious. This seems to be the new direction they are going, as we glimpsed on Landmark.
  11. "Baseball"-or the "I was wrong" song. The band is on the cusp of absolute stardom.
  12. "Opportunistic"-"Grace do you want me/Grace till you die?"
  13. "South"-I love everything about this song. It's fucking brilliant.
  14. "Monsoon"-What once seemed like a skipper, is now one of my favorite songs.
  15. "Way It Goes"-God, what a single, what a song!
  16. "Buttercup"-She’ll be fine
  17. "Violet"-The Grand Final

The song setlist isn't perfect, but neither were my notes.


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