Moody Tongue Brewing Got That Swagga On A Million

Moody Tongue Brewing Got That Swagga On A Million

If you can find the door to Moody Tongue Brewing, that's a good start.


Nestled between two brick buildings, in the middle of an old industrial center on Chicago's southwest side, is an obscure, black door.


That door, emblazoned with the words Moody Tongue img_7004 is the only hint that you are in the right location. You open the black door and step into a hallway of bright light. It's like you have entered into a secret society; like you've found the location of John Galt.

Once inside, you feel like you're in a different world. A vast expanse filled with a modern decor. Who would have known that Moody Tongue has that swagga on a million? Or, should I say, no one on the corner has swagger like them.


The interior is elegant. From the great fireplace, surrounded by an old collection of first print books, to the clean lines of the white marble-flanked bar. Moody, but comfy. Sleek, yet they're slinging beer, and baking cake.cake

Both are amazing. Not really a place to get your haze on, but their barrel program is dishing out some of the most lavish stouts and porters, money can buy.



Bourbon Barrel Aged 12 Layer Cake, Caramelized Chocolate Churro Baltic Porter, and my favorite of the ones I've had thus far, Bourbon Barrel Aged Gingerbread Imperial Stout.

You will taste some of the smoothest barrel-aged beers around, poured into swanky glassware.

They are what they say they are, and so much more. Get your swagga on at The 'Tongue!

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