Hippo Campus Returns to Chicago & The Vic Theatre

Hippo Campus Returns to Chicago & The Vic Theatre

Well, it appears that the boys from Hippo Campus, "saved a little grace" for Chicago. They are returning for one night in February, Friday the 16th.


They are playing the famed Vic Theatre behind a new EP, Warm Glow, and a fairly-less-newer-full-length album called Landmark, that many of you know and love.


For the people that don't know this little gem of a band, or their music, this is the place to see them. Warm sounds, to go along with that warm glow, will be bouncing off the walls of The Vic's highly ornate walls and ceiling.


There's really not a better place, besides Schubas or Lincoln Hall, to see this band.

Small venue, accessible drinks, and a balcony for those who just want to sit back and bask in their post-Valentines hangover.

All jokes aside, you want to be in the house this Friday night.

I discovered the band last year while streaming a live 'Lolla show, and have been listening to them since.

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