Hawk Gets His Rat: A Chicago Story

Hawk Gets His Rat: A Chicago Story

I just saw the coolest thing ever! No this isn't about Hawk Harrelson beating up Cubby Bear, that ridiculous mascot.


It involves the alley beside our condo, a hawk, and a rat.

As I was driving my daughter home from school a hawk flew right in front of our car. It landed on a stack of boxes by the dumpster.


I threw the car in reverse to get a closer look at this ginormous, beautiful creature, that we almost never see here in city.


I backed up right in front of it, my window was literally less than 3 feet away. I felt stupid and vulnerable, fearing for my safety, but it didn't move. The bird just looked at me and cocked his head back and forth.

I took about five pictures, and before I knew it, it plunged into a pile of boxes and emerged with a rat in his talons! Then, it took flight, with prey in claws, and blasted fifty feet up into the air, where it shook the rat against a branch and started to feast.

Whoa! All this happened in less than one minute. I nearly hit the bird, did a double take, then backed up the car to take a few pics. Suddenly I heard this loud shrieking noise, which must have come from the rat getting a claw in its gut?

In an instant, the hawk dove down into a pile of boxes and emerged with his rat!


Amazing! I couldn't believe my eyes. And it all took place in a back alley in Chicago.

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