Noon Whistle Brewing: Adult Gummy Beers, Kid-Friendly Fun

Noon Whistle Brewing: Adult Gummy Beers, Kid-Friendly Fun

At Noon Whistle Brewing, kids are welcome, and adults can drink gummy-flavored beers. Need I say more?


I wanted to do something special on my birthday, so I dragged my two little beer hunters to Noon Whistle Brewing Company in Lombard, IL.


I've heard a lot about their "Gummy Series" and I was hoping to bring home a few cans (crowlers) for my birthday dinner.


My brother had a business meeting close by, so he met us.

img_4913 img_4909 img_4908

It was a quick trip, but fun. An open space with a lot of light, and very kid friendly. My girls were snacking, coloring and had a good time.
My brother and I had a few samples, so we could make decisions on what to bring home.

img_4919 img_4915 img_4910

I liked the Guava Gose, it was fruity and tart, but opted to take home the 2-Bit Gummy, and the Gummypocalypse. I love a hazy beer, and these rank up there with some of the best.

You can take home crowlers (32 ounce cans) of almost any draft, although some get really pricey. Some of their beers make it into cans for purchase, here in the city, if you're lucky enough to find them.

Also, check out their weekly specials. Every Tuesday night you can watch classic movies, and enjoy $4 draft beers with free popcorn! Every Thursday at the taproom, they highlight one of their beers with a "friendly discount."

Enjoy a beer, take the kids, and try the haze.

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