At Flingers Pizza, If You Blow A Keg, You Get A Pizza

At Flingers Pizza, If You Blow A Keg, You Get A Pizza

If you're having a beer at Flingers Pizza in Bloomington-Normal, keep your fingers crossed that you "blow a keg."

That's right, if you order a beer and that keg blows, you get a free pizza. How cool is that?

I was having a beer with my friend when this happened to him. The waitress came up and said, "You blew the keg."

She set the half-filled, frothy brew down on the table and said, "What else would you like to drink? Adding, "I'll bring your certificate right over."

Voila! He got a new beer, a free pizza, and he got to finish his White Oak "Beer You Can't See Through."

My little mind was BLOWN!

Cool thing is, you don’t have to wait around to get approval from the manager or jump through any hoops. They have an envelope with the name of each keg on it, and when it blows, they grab the envelope and bring it over. It’s that simple.

So go check it out and try your luck. You'll be impressed by their tap list, as they have great local (White Oak, Triptych) and national (Ska, Bear Republic) beers.

Also, you must get a "Roll," and stuff it with jalapeno and sausage. It's the BOMB! You won't be disappointed.
Flingers Pizza in Bloomington, Illinois: doing something every bar and restaurant should be doing. Subscribe to my blog, and read while you drink.

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