No Service: The Problem With AT&T

No Service: The Problem With AT&T

UPDATE: I've had no one from AT&T reach out to me after writing this. My service was so bad last week, that I could barely get a text out in our neigborhood. Finally, they have sent me last months bill with no adjustments. This is fraud.

What is the problem with AT&T? My service has gone from good to extremely bad over the month of November.

I have been on the phone with their customer service and tech departments over five times since October 30th, when our signal died, and I can't get a real answer. I was even lied to by a rep who told me "There are no towers down in your area. Matter of fact, we have no towers down anywhere right now." He then transferred me to the tech department, where the truth was revealed.

After walking me through "Wi-fi Calling," the tech guy told me that I should get used to this method around the house. I said "Why?" He said, "Because you have three towers down in your area."


Tech Guy: "The reason why your service is so bad is because there are three cell towers out in your area. One on Roscoe, one on Montrose, and another on Lawrence. You're going to have a hard time getting a signal anywhere in that area."

Me: "I just spoke with a customer service agent and he told me your company had NO towers down anywhere anymore!"

Tech Guy: That's not true. You're going to want to use that Wi-fi calling until the towers are restored."

So, I found out that there are still three towers down in my area. I called back to confront customer service and the rep confirmed this. Originally telling me that ALL the towers would be up and running by November 8th, he now said they had no idea when the towers would be back up.

The worst part about all of this is that I was told AT&T "could not pro-rate my bill."


AT&T: "We cannot adjust your bill until all the towers are up and running. Only then can we asess your situation."

Me: "Let me get this straight. I have to pay the full amount of the bill for a phone that I havent been able to use for the last month?"

AT&T: "Yes, once all of the towers are up and running, we can adjust your bill."

Me:  "When will that be?"

AT&T: "At this point we are not sure."

We went back and forth and I got nowhere. After almost 10 years with AT&T, we are looking for a new provider.

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