The Best Rock Songs Of 2017

1.) "Creature Comfort" -Arcade Fire

The anthem for all ages in 2017. A Nine Inch Nails beat begins the song, and plays out in the background as a gorgeous keyboard riff gives life to insightful lyrics for a lost generation. I often stand in the mirror and curse my father.

2) "Call The Police"- LCD Soundsystem

What can you say? James and the crew decide they are not retired and wow the world with one of the best LCD songs to date. Try to not sing it, I dare ya'!?
"We all, we all, we all, we all know this is nothing/We all, we all, we all, we all know this is nowhere."

3) "The Day I Die" -The National

My voice teacher once remarked that The National are the most consistent band around. She said "You know what to expect, and I like that." Well, I wasn't expecting to love this album, and then I heard the single, "Day I Die." Whoa, that guitar riff!? That hook! Intense drum beat, check! It's just so The National, you know what I mean?

4.) "If Before I Wake" -The Districts

I walked around Disney, singing this non-stop. It's eerie, it builds, and BAM! You want to friggin' stage dive! This is also one of the best albums released this year, from front to back.
"Too blessed to be depressed, thank Jesus. God I'm bending over, love me."

5.) "In Undertow" -Alvvays

This screams 90's to me. Very familiar territory for what I grew up with. Think The Darling Buds, Lush, and The Sundays.
I instantly had a crush on the song and the singer, Molly Rankin.

6.) "Way It Goes" -Hippo Campus

I heard "Suicide Saturday" from a streamed 'Lolla performance and was hooked on Hippo. After digesting Bashful Creatures EP, I moved onto the 2017, Landmark, release. I came across "The Way It Goes," and the falsetto, the jazzy chords, and the lyrics...
"Wisconsin pines, collaborating with the day glow vibes/An altruistic breed of travel guide
It's chill, but lord knows you're trying."

7.)   "Mourning Sound" -Grizzly Bear

Satellite radio beat this into my head, and for good reason. Christopher Bear beat the shit out of those skins, and it gives this song a menacing attitude.

8.) "Something Here" -Day Wave

More reminders of my hey day (the 90's). Good lord this is addicting: "There's something here, ah ah ah..."

9.) "Wow" -Beck

Once again, dude came back HARD. Single of the summer? Possibly.

10.) "J-Boy" -Phoenix

I know I said The National was the most consistent act around, but can we get a hand for Phoenix? Really, "J-Boy" was everything we hoped it would be. Welcome back Phoenix!

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