Shout Out Louds Throw A Party At Lincoln Hall

Shout Out Louds Throw A Party At Lincoln Hall

What started out as a rock show with the Shout Out Louds playing Lincoln Hall, ended up as a party, with fans onstage, dancing and laughing. There's been a ringing in my ears ever since, with the lyrics from "Impossible."

"And there's a first time and a second time, you gotta hold on."

As much as this was about second chances, and rebirth, it was also about growth. There's a line from "Oh Oh" off their latest record, Ease My Mind, that summed up the night.

"Feels like it's clear now/And something is starting..."

They have grown tremendously since their last album Optic, and it does feel like something is starting. A new found maturity that was displayed in their confidence as soon as they took the stage.

"Paola," opens the show, with chugging bass lines and driving drumbeats. It's moody, and revealing, and the band pulls back, to showcase the vocals. All five members are moving and grooving as a cohesive unit. I can't help but smile. This is why I came out tonight, a love for rock and roll.


The energy in the room multiplies with the first chords of "Very Loud." There's a natural call and response that proves they are arena rock ready.

The drummer, Eric Edman, gives this band the confidence to conquer the world. The folks up front have free reign to play rock star, and they do. Lead singer Adam Olenius bounces back and forth between between bass player (and best hair award recipient) Ted Malmros and multi-instrumentalist Carl von Arbin.

We get "Fall Hard" from Work, and it's fantastic (but not "The Candle Burned Out"). We get "Sugar" from Optic which was a highlight of the night. The guitar melody oozes sweet saccharine, and the crowd drinks it in.


New favorite rocker "Oh Oh," encapsulates everything this band is now, so fittingly it was followed by "The Comeback." "Let's call this the comeback, again."

We get a break from the action with "Ease My Mind." A sultry romp sung by blonde bombshell Bebban Stenborg (keyboardist). A song in which new lovers drop everything they're doing to see each other. The band members take a back seat and let Bebban strut her stuff. It's sexy as hell, conjuring thoughts of young lust.


"Leave your friends, I want to see you, come over. Leave your dreams, I'll give you new ones, come over."

Ahhhh... Enjoy the butterflies and nervous anticipation while it lasts, love is fleeting.


"Tonight I Have to Leave It" started the rhythmic dance party, and the anthemic "Impossible" ended it. With people on stage dancing, we left near 11pm. There were a lot of happy fans leaving Lincoln Hall.


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