Hippo Campus Bring Warm Glow To Turner Hall-11/19/17

Hippo Campus Bring Warm Glow To Turner Hall-11/19/17

What do you do after you tour behind one of the best albums of 2017? The scripted move would be to take some time off and record your follow up.

The trendsetters from Hippo Campus, don't follow no stinkin' script. They blaze a trail back into the studio to record three new gems they call the Warm Glow EP.


Realizing how great these new nuggets fit in with the Landmark arsenal, they tack them all on a deluxe, double vinyl release, and pretend like they dropped the best double album of the decade.


Now, when rocking the last leg of your tour, you can open up with your best song. It's like a big fuck you to the system, and it's warranted.

Jamie, I can't believe they opened with "Way it Goes." Funny, in the car, you mentioned Christian was that "Degenerate, counter-culture, crying socialist," which made me smile. Who am I to judge? I'm that dude who "Grabs a guitar" and starts "moaning shit." We all end up being something.


By starting with their hit song, the 'Campus dwellers prove they are at the top of their game. This sets the stage for BIG things to come, and they came in droves to Milwaukee's Turner Hall.


We bounce through the joyous, falsetto-laden "Simple Season, " right into "Souls." This might have been the best song of the whole night. That reggae vibe sounds so refined, and you can't help but sing along.

"Oh, oh, we won't go/Back to the room where we sold our souls.
Oh, oh, boots and bros/Down with the shrine of American gold"

"Little Grace" and "Suicide Saturday" are a blast from the past. "S.S." being the gateway drug I was offered at Lolla.

Andy, your fists were pumping during the "Oh don't you wait now" part. Thanks for coming out and sharing this wonderful moment.

"Little Gracie" left me mesmerized and, once back home, I spent the week mainlining it. The ending became another crowd romper, foot stomper.


"Western Kids" funked us up and "Poems" lulled us down, into the beer line, for reflection time.

"Monsoon" was beautiful, the perfect mood changer. Stepping the show down a notch, and offering breath to a crowd winded from singing. "It should've been me." Yes, yes, this was my dream.

I don't do Sunday night concerts usually because I have to get up early for work. A show in Milwaukee, on a Sunday night? Never.

Mary, thank you for being the designated driver. We got lost on the way home, but at least we didn't break down "South." BTW, how dope was "South?"

"I walk the same way my father told me/Back straight, chest out, just like a soldier."


With more chants than a Buddhist temple, the crowd played along. 

The whole Warm Glow EP is played in full. I love that lead riff from "Traveler."

"Buttercup" becomes rawkus, but we expect more. "Can I get an encore, do you want more?/Cooking raw with the MN boyz!"

Endless cheering is reciprocated with "Violet."

"The sky is lushed in the company of those American eyes/See good on earth and truth in lies.

Violet, you and your fucked up riot/Trying to get up and then go/So the world will always know."

What an ending.


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