Two Beers To Drink On Halloween

Two Beers To Drink On Halloween

Here are two beers you should drink, tonight, on Halloween.


Big Muddy Brewing's "Pumpkin Smasher" is a delight to drink. It's not weighed down by a ton of spice or nutmeg, rather just a clean ale with hints of luscious pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Honestly, that's what this beer tastes like. I will say that I cellared mine for a few years (2015), so the spices have rescinded, but this is one pumpkin beer that is drinkable anytime.


For those who like their beers a little more stiff, or dare I say challenging, I offer you Greenbush Brewing's Barrell-Aged Unicorn Killer. Another cellared beer from 2015, this pumpkin brew came off perfect. Still a little boozy, but the barrell-aging balanced this out. More rum than bourbon, the spices play second fiddle.

Cheers. Happy Halloween!

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