Two Schlafly Beers For Fall: Oktoberfest '13 vs Porter '13

Two Schlafly Beers For Fall: Oktoberfest '13 vs Porter '13

Schlafly Porter from September 2013 brewed at 4:32pm. I'm drinking this beer about the same time it was brewed, 4 years later.

I open the bottle on a crisp, windy day and the smell of chocolate wafts out.


Just poured, and still cold, I'm getting the flavor of Rootbeer Barrel candy, and Iced Java.

Next I open this Oktoberfest and let the Porter sit.


Schlafly Oktoberfest brewed on October 7, 2013 at 5:22pm. So, four years to the date it was brewed, and about an hour off.

Almost no carbonation left, but enough to give it legs. Definitely autumnal, it tastes of caramel and fig cereal bars.

It's faded and I don't believe there's any stock in saving 'Fests anymore.

Wait; hold up. Now, I'm getting some cinnamon and graham cracker crust, it seems time is on its side. Most beers do need a warming phase.

 Cinnamonum verumbrown

Tasting the Porter now, 15 minutes later, and I'm getting leathery smoke.

Tasting the Oktoberfest, 16 minutes later, I'm getting fresh, apple orchard cider.

Fall is in the air! Cheers.

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