Pipeworks "Batata Obscura" 2014: The Best Pumpkin Beer That Wasn't

Pipeworks "Batata Obscura" 2014: The Best Pumpkin Beer That Wasn't

The best pumpkin beer of the year so far. Or is it?

Not really billed as a pumpkin beer, Pipework's Batata Obscura is a sweet potato beer, inspired by the Puerto Rican dessert, Nisperos de Batata.

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Packed full of flavors like cinnamon, coconut, figs, honey, nutmeg, pecans, and raisins. Once it warms up you get some graham crackers and marshmallows. It's all there, minus the pumpkin.

It's sweet, but well balanced. You don't want to drink it fast, but you do want to keep drinking it. A lot of spice like a pumpkin beer, but a much smoother drink. Normally with pumpkin beers, I'm done after a few sips. We split it three ways, so I had to savor each sip.

After 3 years, I was assuming I waited too long to drink this beer. My expectations were pretty low. Then it pours a frothy, almost nitro looking head, that's creamy on the palate. It reminds me of fall and pumkin beers, but it's much, much better.  Maybe some other pumpkin brewers should take a nod from this Pipeworks creation.


A great beer to cellar, believe it or not.

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