Losing Your Laptop At An Airport Security Checkpoint

Losing Your Laptop At An Airport Security Checkpoint

I pay for TSA PreCheck, where you don't take your laptop out of your bag. You don't take your shoes off, and you don't take your belt off. You only take metal things off and out of your pockets.


But, because we had a double stroller, we were ushered over to the handicap lane, where things would supposedly be easier for our family of four, flying from MCO, Orlando, into ORD, Chicago.

Not thinking, I left my laptop in my bag. Because I made this terrible mistake, TSA decided to double check both my laptop and my bag. That means they tore all my shit apart and didn't put it back together. I boarded the plane without my laptop.

The woman who did the inspecting never told me she took the laptop out. She said, "I'm sending everything through one more time and then you'll be good." My bag came through the x-ray machine, and I grabbed it. I walked over to where, that same woman, was now testing the milk and water we brought for our kids (because, you know, most parents like to mix Molotov cocktails for their kids).

I was there about 10 minutes and she never once mentioned anything about my laptop. Like, "Hey, I had to test your laptop for fairy dust, so I took it OUT of your bag. Did you happen to pick it up?" No. NOTHING.


I just assumed they would look through it and put EVERYTHING BACK!? I was in my seat, just before take off, when I realized it was not in my bag. Holy shit!

I raised my hand. The stewardess came over. How could she help? I left my laptop at the security check point. Well, actually, the TSA took it out of my bag and never put it back in. Oh, never mind.

At this point it doesn't matter who's fault it was, it's gone. The stewardess said, "If you get off the plane now, we will be forced to leave without you. The best I can do is get you the number for the Lost and Found."

She gave me the number and we went home without our laptop. To be continued.

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